The weather

This winter has been exceptionally warm in Finland, and there is less snow than probably ever at this point of winter. Luckily, there is snow, which makes the surroundings look much nicer.

For the next week, the temperatures are predicted to move around -10 degrees. Currently it looks like that it won’t get colder, but it is hard to predict the weather here in Finland. There should be reliable weather broadcasts for the duration of the conference by the beginning of the week.

For those coming from warmer countries, remember to dress up in layers and have shoes that are not too slippery on icy streets.

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Source of the picture: Tiia Monto [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Concluding roundtable on Saturday at 16:30

We are very honored to have the former Ambassador of Finland to Russia Hannu Himanen, officer in charge of cultural diplomacy in EEAS Diego Marani and Professor Boris Gasparov in the concluding roundtable on Saturday (25 Feb) at 16:30. They will discuss the outcomes of the event and the current situation of cultural cooperation and diplomacy between East and West.

Thank you registering!

Thank you all for registering to the conference! Altogether we have around 100 participants, so we can expect a lively, compelling and thought-provoking event!

If you missed the registration deadline and would like to participate, no worries. Just contact

Abstracts of the presentations and updates to the programme

You can now download the abstracts of all the presentations from the right-hand panel. This way you can have a better view of the contents of the conference. The abstracts are in alphabetical order by surname, except few working groups, which are right in the beginning of the document.

Minor changes have also been made to the conference programme. You can download the updated version from the right-hand panel.

Don’t forget that the registration is open until 1st of February! You can find the registration form through the top menu. The conference has no registration fee.

Have a great beginning of the year!
The conference organizing team


The Conference Programme and Registration

We are thrilled to announce the conference programme! You can see the outline for the programme in the “Programme” section in the top menu, and the more detailed programme can be downloaded from here or from the right-hand panel.

We have also opened the registration for the audience and you can find the registration form through “Registration” in the top menu. The registration is open until 1 February 2017 and there is no registration fee.

Changes in the programme are possible, but we will be updating the programme to our website regularly, so please keep following!